May 09

Advertising Shouldn’t Be a ‘Four-Letter Word’

I was speaking with a colleague about how we have become blind to all of the banner ads that we see on the websites we visit and how mistrustful we have become towards online advertising.  Ask someone what he think about online banner ads, and his reaction is probably one that resembles what you would get if you said a four-letter word.  Since online advertising is inherently less interrupt-driven, marketers and their agency proxies try more obtrusive and often deceptive methods to capture your attention – driving their intended audience away.

Marketers – especially online – have poisoned the well, and until there is a concerted effort by marketers and advertisers to improve their methods, online advertising will continue to be a ‘evil ‘force.

Seth Godin said it well in his post: “It’s so fashionable to be skeptical now that no one believes you if you attempt to do something for the right reasons.”

It’s time to stop thinking about audiences that a body that needs to be targeted and to start thinking about how advertising can become something that serves them.

[Note to self: A little better – although the main point was something you read a month earlier written by someone else.  Advertising as a service is a topic that should be explored further.]

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