Archive for June 2009

Lame.  I have not posted anything for over a month.  Why?  Mostly because I got overwhelmed with the different ways of communicating: blog, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, email, instant messaging…  It became too much to try to keep up with everyone’s updates as well as make my own.

Just like in a feed reader where you can just mark all of the articles as read so that the unread articles stop taunting you, begging you to read them.  I needed a re-boot to re-think how I’m doing everything.  So I stopped.  Everything.

The fact of the matter is that I’m still re-thinking, but am more aware of what I’m using for what.  The current line between these outlets to me are: which ones are the ones where I am primarily a ‘receiver’ and where I am a ‘contributor’?  I know one thing: there is no way you can be fully engaged across all of these communication channels, unless you have a lot of time.