Jul 10

Will Android App Inventor usher in a YouTube era for Android apps?

Google released the Google Apps Inventor in typical fashion with a beta launch.  The development environment allows non-developers to create Android applications using customizable “blocks” of functionality that you can mix and match.  Just pour in your creativity and then unleash your creation to the masses!  Sounds simple, no?

It’s hard to tell if this will create a torrent of useless “Hello World” applications, or if the democratizing application will accelerate the number of interesting apps available in Android Market.  Actually – probably both.  With YouTube, the ease and simplicity of uploading videos have created millions of videos unfit for human consumption (how many LOLcat videos does the world need?), but among them, you also will find true gems like Cardboard Warfare where the creativity shines through.  It’s not clear if Google will proactively curate Android Market to help the cream rise, or if they will let the users truly decide.  Time will tell if this bet pays out for Google.

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