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TechCrunch: How Great Entrepreneurs Create Their Own Luck

I read a great article at TechCrunch – “How Great Entrepreneurs Create Their Own Luck”.  It’s so true.

My favorite line: “And even though serendipity is by definition unpredictable, its appearance is anything but random.”

I often hear about how ‘lucky’ some entrepreneurs are, and when I do, I make a point to correct that person.  Sure, lottery winners are lucky, and maybe employee #1000 at Facebook or Google is kind of lucky.  But the founders of those companies are ‘lucky’ in the sense that they pulled together the ingredients that leads to success.  Luck can be created when you stop to notice all of the opportunities and run like hell after them.

I use this story all of the time. It is such a useful shorthand phrase that if I just say ‘Step 1: Collect underpants’, most people know exactly what I’m talking about. Who knew that South Park would be such a great source for start-up wisdom?

This post from Nerd Fitness is a great no-nonsense explanation.

I saw a fun Nike commercial on Reddit today.  The concept itself is ho-hum.  But the quotes in it are great – like historical versions of the ‘Just Do It’ phrase.

My favorite: ‘In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.  It’s the life in your years.’ — Abraham Lincoln