May 12

Tom Tunguz: Your Startup’s Top 3 Priorities

Great article on priorities by Tom Tunguz (VC at Redpoint Ventures) on what start-ups should focus on after building their product: distribution, engagement, and monetization.

Doesn’t seem interesting, right?  But when he lays it out on a table, I just slapped the side of my head and thought: ‘Wow, that’s so simple – why haven’t I seen that before?’ Sometimes you need to reframe what you already know to make it fall into place.

There is also a good discussion after the post about when you can focus on what.  Obviously it’s difficult for a startup to focus on all three with the same level of effort.  So you may focus first on distribution and engagement, and worry about monetization later (say Pinterest?).  As the company matures, monetizaion obviously grows more important after you have found some distribution channels that work and know how much they cost to maintain.

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